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Anonymous asked: how do Aquarius deal with mourning? my grandma recently passed away but I haven't cried or had any break downs... i've just been really quiet and trying to distract myself with usual daily routine. I seem 'unemotional' to people. I feel like a horrible person but I really don't want to cry...


not under any circumstance should you feel like a horrible person for mourning your own way. donโ€™t let anybody tell you that, including yourself. everybody copes differently. dissociating yourself emotionally from the incident of her death is a method of dealing with anxiety over the situation. aquarius is people are truly independent in their decision making, and what youโ€™re giving yourself is the brain space to process what has happened before you can let yourself fully feel the feelings associated with it. this way you can figure out how you personally feel about your grandmother and her passing, instead of letting yourself being swept away by how you โ€œshouldโ€ according to your family or social pressures. grief is a personal journey about processing your personal relationship with your grandmother.

maybe you want to feel grateful for her life and what sheโ€™s accomplished, looking at pictures from when she was younger and listening to stories about her. maybe you donโ€™t want to pause your life and just go through the motions while thinking about your child memories of her or retelling her jokes. maybe youโ€™re even relieved if sheโ€™s been sick and itโ€™s taken a toll on your family. but you need to let yourself acknowledge and process the feelings, whatever they might be. this doesnโ€™t mean you have to wear black and cry over her grave, but if this is what your family is doing and you feel alienated from it, know that there should be room for you and your method of grieving too and donโ€™t be afraid to try to connect with other people and their grief in your own way.

anna zoe

Anonymous asked: Hello um can u tell me why my Aquarius friend all of a sudden stopped talking to me? I think she's going through depression but HOW CAN I HELP HER PLEASE I miss my friend so much...-Cancer


Aquarius, on a bad day, will completely detach themselves from the rest of the world. stoic, somber, angsty, regretfulโ€ฆ their bad sides really come out to play. due to their ruling planet, saturn, they can be quite hard to reach and cheer up again once theyโ€™ve settled into a sad period. acts of true (sometimes forceful) friendships can coax them back. however, depression is a serious illness that shouldnโ€™t be taken lightly, and you should talk to her parents or your parents about seeking help for her.ย 


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